A-ha! We Found Them: The 33 Worst Bands Of The 1980s

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Sorry, Gen X, you had terrible taste.

The '80s didn't just gift us with neon, leg warmers, Ronald Reagan and Dynasty, it also produced quite possibly the widest variety of music any generation had ever seen -- both good AND bad. For every Talking Heads or U2 there was a Wham! or Frankie Goes to Hollywood right behind it. Madonna and Michael Jackson became overnight sensations. We actually took Culture Club seriously. Thanks to a brand-new little channel called MTV that played only -- gasp! -- music videos, we were introduced to every terrible band's musical visions: remember one-hit wonders like A-ha, with that rotoscoped, three-minute romance set to the singer's ear-melting falsetto?

The later '80s saw the mainstreaming of hair metal and bands like Van Halen, Motley Crue and Bon Jovi. Meanwhile bands that had been around for years, even decades (think Rolling Stones and Aerosmith), found new, young audiences thanks to MTV -- even if their music during the 1980s was spectacularly awful. Then there was the bubblegum pop played on the radio: dance-y garbage from Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam, Paula Abdul, Debarge and New Kids on the Block -- unlistenable, yet inescapable.

Love these 1980s bands or hate them, here are some of the worst of the decade. This list might make you angry... or remember how truly bad they were! Get Started